Trading in Your Vehicle

One of the most complicated things about purchasing a car from an auto dealership is the games that can be played with your trade. Even if you go in to the dealership with as much knowledge as possible it still can be next to impossible to get a truthful answer on what you’re paying for theirs and what you’re getting for yours. Giving you the illusion that you’re getting good cash for cars Brisbane is how they can make the most money off of you.

In all honesty if you knew how much you were actually getting for your trade you would probably be insulted. First, you need to understand the difference between the ACV and trade allowance. Usually a car salesman will pencil trade allowance for the customer when negotiating initial numbers. Most of the times a customer will try and walk if they feel they aren’t getting enough for their trade. The ACV is an acronym for actual cash value and that is exactly what it means.

You need to understand that if the car dealer where to purchase your vehicle without actually selling you a new one this is the ACV. The reason for this is because it is about the same price as the car would sell for at an auction or a wholesale value. In addition, trade allowance is the ACV plus any of the profits the dealer is willing to lose on the new vehicle that is being sold.

What this means is they aren’t really giving you what you want for your trade but instead taking it from the profit they are making on the new vehicle. By getting you to focus on your trade value they are able to get your mind off of the asking price of the new vehicle which usually has a lot of mark up in it. Allowing a customer to believe they are getting more money for their trade then what they should be and a small discount on the asking price will help push the customer in to purchasing right away. This isn’t dishonest or a scam but rather just moving numbers around to make them appear more attractive for the car buyers adelaide. What this means is you are adjusting the numbers to make sense for the customer and their needs.

You might be asking your self, if there is a way to find out what you are really getting for your trade. Usually, you can go to a place like CarMax and they will give you an accurate bid on purchasing your car without including the purchase of another. CarMax is one of the most popular franchises that purchase customers vehicles outright but there are some independents that have started as well. Furthermore, if you thing you can expect to get what NADA, Kelly Blue Book or any other guides might say trade value is, you are wrong. Those guides are usually more accurate on brand new vehicles than pre owned cars.




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