Tips to Collect Toy Soldiers

Toy collection is a hobby for many people, although an unusual one. Many people, young and old, nurture this hobby of collecting figures of soldiers and military personnel. The first set of toy soldiers were launched in the market by Marx. Marx toys were very popular at that time. Though they manufactured other toys as well, like cars, dolls, and so on, they came to be known for the toy soldiers. Initially, the toy soldiers were available in sets but in recent times, they are available in individual pieces.

In the beginning days, Marx toy soldiers were made of metals, mostly tin and lead. But soon they were replaced by plastic due to toxic issues. However, tin figures are still available in the market. For a person, who is keen on collecting toy soldiers must keep certain facts in mind:

  • Firstly, one needs to decide that which era or age he or she specializes. There are toy soldiers from different eras: American civil war soldiers, Napoleonic, soldiers from the Victorian era, world war figures and many others. It is necessary to focus on a specific area.
  • It is also necessary to get in touch with other people as well, who nurture a similar hobby. This shall lead to sharing of information, knowledge and experience. Many toy shows are also being held from time to time. Attending these shall also enlighten one about such things.
  • Many toy magazines are available in the market and one can get a lot of information on them as these magazines are solely dedicated to toys. Much information on latest figures and models can be available from them.

Toy soldier collection is indeed a novel hobby that people pursue and with time one shall realize that it is not the quantity but quality that matters. How many number of figure one possesses does not get counted, rather it is the antique value and symbolic significance of each that matters.




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