Tips On Buying Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

If you have already set your mind about buying auto darkening welding helmets but you are confused about the model you should buy, then, this article is just what you should be reading. Now there are countless manufactures that make auto darkening welding helmets and you may have a hard time choosing from them.

Now here are some tips that will help you choose the right helmet.

The speed at which the helmet darkens is something that you should really consider very seriously. A good helmet will have a speed of 1/ 20000 seconds. Do not settle for anything lower than this under any circumstances.

There are many helmets that cannot be adjusted but you should try to go for one that can be adjusted. It is best to get a helmet that can be adjusted from shade 9 to 13.

Buy a helmet that has good delay and sensitivity settings, sometimes the helmet can darken when you do not want it to and you can adjust that through the settings. The delay settings lets you keep the helmet very dark so you do not have to look at the hot weld; which can be really bad for your eyes.

Always purchase a helmet from a reputed company to get the best quality. You will come across companies that manufacture helmets that are very substandard in nature and it is best that you should avoid such companies. So for the safety of your own eyes you should buy only high end helmets, such as Miller elite, which are by far one of the best helmets that are found in the market. So follow the tips given in this article while buying this helmet. You can also read about these helmets over the internet to learn more about them. If you have a tight budget then you can go for some standard brands but be sure to do some research before you buy one.






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