The Benefits Of Compressed Natural Gas

Are you aware of the fact that Compressed Natural Gas, better known as CNG now days is the chosen best fuel for maximum number of people who own vehicles? With rapid increase in the price of petroleum and gasoline all across the globe provoke millions of people to find a better and cheap of fuel for the vehicles they own. Increase in pollution due to high use of LPG and other fuels in the cars is an alarming situation. Such alarming situation motivates the people to move towards a cleaner and greener choice.

In respect of other fuel options CNG tank is one of the most viable options, based on various factors. Compressed natural gas is very easily and abundantly available for supply. The world is having extensive amount of natural gas in reservoir. Almost 85% of the CNG used and consumed at USA is manufactured in the country itself. The supply of CNG is designed in such a manner with the use of pipes in the country that it can carry forward the natural gas in a very easy manner to all the domestic user of this gas.

If you compare Gasoline with CNG, then you can see that CNG is much cheaper than gasoline. CNG is both way inexpensive as well as environment friendly when compared with all other petroleum based fuel. A statistics reveal the fact that CNG produces carbon mono oxide by less than 70%, non-methane organic gas by less than 87%, carbon dioxide by less than 20% and last but not the least nitrogen oxide by less than 87%. Hence it is proved that CNG is best option for running a car or a vehicle in a pollution free environment at a cheap cost.

One important feature of CNG is the CNG tank. It is this CNG tank in which the Compressed Natural Gas is stored till the same is used by car or vehicle engine. We need to educate people more about the benefits of CNG in comparison to other fuel component.




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