Protect Your Eyes with Auto Darkening Welding Helmet from Cyberweld

Linden, USA – 22nd November, 2012: Cyberweld has come up with the innovative auto darkening welding helmet. These helmets are best to protect your eyes from the effects of welding. The requirement of a proper welding helmet is a must in cases where the work is to be completed quickly with no harm done to the welder at all. The helmets should be quality one so that the problems arising due to welding are taken care by them. The welding helmets protect your cornea from various different catastrophes like sparks, UV rays and also from the emitting light from the torch.

The spokesperson from the company states about how these helmets work. In his words, “The auto darkening welding helmets are miles apart from the traditional welding hoods or welding helmets found in the market. The best part about them is they come with an automatic light sensor which can easily detect the change of light intensity when a person from one place of intensity to others. Thus you’ll be provided with different types of illumination whenever the intensity of light changes. Thus without paying much heed about the change of light intensities in quick times and protecting your eyes, just wearing these helmets will take care of all the precautions. The helmets are manufactured following the standard guidelines.”

Miller, Hobart, 3M Speedglas, Jackson and Save Phace lines are some of top companies whose auto darkening welding helmets are sold by the company along with their own. Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) from the company is a must for the workmen to breathe in fresh air. These products can be easily ordered at their online store at




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