Pre Purchase Car Inspection Methodologies

Inspecting a car thoroughly before a purchase is very vital as it can provide an insight into the potential problems. Pre purchase car inspection is a systematic process which requires a detailed and careful study of the car. Gathering maximum information about the car is the first step. If the Vehicle identification number can be obtained from the seller, then a cars history check can be done.

Some of the steps that can be followed are suggested in this article. Choose a dry sunny day to inspect the car. If there is darkness and raining, there is a chance that the body damage may not be seen. A rag, pen, paper and a flashlight is required. The first thing is to check the mileage and understand if it matches with the records that are gathered from Vehicle Identification number. The car has to be inspected for any difference in body color, hood, truck gaps and door. The contours along the car front back and side should be graceful and smooth. If there are any ripples, then it indicates poor body repair.

Any Rusting along the rear and lower portions, window edges of the car has to be checked. The fender edges when glided along with finger tips should be smooth. If not, then a repair would be done to cover the rusted edges. The vehicle lower parts, lower fender and rocker panels may be dull and dirty. But it should be solid when thumped with the hand. Tail lights should fit precisely. If there is paint on the edge of door handles and molding then there is a chance the car has gone for car grooming Auckland.

The current cost of the vehicle will be based on its condition. Before selling the car, the seller has to check for the correct market value. Car appraisal helps to determine the exact car’s market value.

One should be careful while purchasing a used car. Pre purchase car inspection and accurate car appraisal is very important.





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