Information on Switching Auto Insurance Companies

You’ve decided that you want to change your auto insurance to another company. Maybe you don’t like the service the staff has given you in the past or maybe you want to look for a company with better rates.

Whatever your reason, you have held back because you don’t know if you can change companies before your policy expires. The truth is you can change companies when you want, you are the one in charge of the situation. The one thing you have to make sure you do before you cancel your current insurance is to get the new insurance first. Even if you’re overlapped a little that’s much better than not having insurance for a few days. It is correct that the best time to change orion auto insurance companies is when its time for your renewal. You can wait if you want, but you don’t have to.

If you decide to wait, when your renewal time comes around your insurance company usually will send you the renewal notice approximately one month before your insurance expires. The notice will have all the information you will need to go online and get some quotes for the same coverages. Then you just go online and do some comparison shopping to see if you can get better rates for the same coverages.

The one thing you need to ask your current insurance company is if there is any cancellation charge if you cancel before the term is up. If there is then you have to weigh the difference in the savings with the new company and the cancellation fee. Before you make the decision to cancel your currently policy you should also find out if there are any discounts for renewal with them or any other benefits that you might receive by staying with their company. After calculating whether or not you would actually save money by changing insurance companies, the next thing to do is to choose one of the companies you found online and sign up with them.

After that policy is in place, then it is time to cancel your old policy. You’ll probably have to let your old company confirm that you have a new policy because by law if you don’t they’ll have to report you as uninsured to the state insurance department. Also, it is important to confirm that they cancel your policy or it will be automatically renewed every six or twelve months. The best way to handle the situation is to cancel your old insurance in writing to make sure it is done.




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