Four Reasons Why You Should Choose Tesco Car Insurance

Are you looking for automobile insurance for a small monthly payment? If so, Tesco Car Insurance is the company you need to get in touch with. They provide their customers with low coverages at an extremely competitive price. Tesco has become a pioneer for car insurance in The UK insurance industry by introducing ingenious and new types of policies to their clients. It is estimated that a little more than one million people are covered by Tesco.

Here are a few highlights of this award winning insurance company:
-Reliable personal accident coverage
-Coverage for personal possessions
-Theft and fire protection
-The option of having voluntary excess
-Safeguards for DVD players and other various electronic components

The insurance industry has become extremely competitive within the past recent years. Insurance companies realize that they must offer distinctive benefits if they want to stay in business. Tesco has accepted the challenge by offering superb incentives such as a twenty four hour assistance line, deep discounts, a temporary replacement vehicle, and a three year guarantee on parts and labor if your vehicle is involved in an accident.

Twenty Four Hour Assistance Line
Accidents can happen at any time during the morning, afternoon, and night. It is refreshing to know that you can call yourinsurance company at any time with any problems that you have with your automobile.

Deep Discounts
You can save an incredible amount of money with the discounts that are available. Just imagine being able to save up to ten or fifteen percent. This could result in a significant amount of savings for you within a year.

Temporary Replacement Vehicle
You may qualify for a temporary replacement vehicle for a given time if yours is not operable. Not many companies provide this incentive for their customers.

Three Year Guarantee On Parts And Labor
This is an iron clad guarantee that is valid for three years. You can have a piece of mind knowing that you will be covered within this time period if any mistakes were made during the service or if a problem surfaces with the parts.

Tesco Car Insurance has established itself as one of the leading automobile insurance companies in The UK. Where else can one get the unique incentives that are being enjoyed by their customers. Their benefits and dedication to customer satisfaction has enabled them to separate themselves from stiff competition. Tesco by far is your best bet for insurance if you are not in the UK I would say go with

Columbus Car Insurance however if you are in the UK it’s TESCO ALL THE WAY!!




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