Convert to CNG to Fight Pollution

With the oil prices on the boil, you need to rethink before going for favorite long drive. The stress-buster ride that always gave you comfort, in recent months has become a reason of concern. What more, now the family vacation too has taken back seat. The oil price rise has disturbed the balance in your personal life and even began to bother your professional too.

In a bid to find a remedy to this new problem, the best thing you could do is to convert CNG – compressed natural gas. This is beneficial in two ways; first it suits easy to your pocket, and second it also does not pollute the environments as much; in other words, getting the conversion done is easy and you can save a lot of money per month too. While converting to CNG, one thing that needs to be considered is that to get the job done by an authorized dealer. If you do not take the necessary precaution and go for a cheaper brand that is unauthorized, it may harm the engine of your car and also put your life at risk.

There have been many cases of CNG cylinder bursting, when fitted illegally. Already you will save a lot by going for conversions, so you do not want this unnecessary worry that too for a few bucks.

Now by going for a conversion, it has its downside too. You will lose a lot on the speed and comfort front. The speed you can reach with air condition on in a petro-car can be only reached in a CNG-run car by with switching the air condition off.

However, the big plus it has is the mileage front. The CNG-fitted cars give almost twice the mileage of a petro-car. Also, you do have the option to switch off CNG and switch on to petrol whenever you wish to.




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