Cheap Rental Cars In Spain

Reino de España or Kingdom of Spain is without a doubt one of the world’s leading countries today. This country has been a great influence to several Asian, North and South American countries through its peoples’ conquests during the Modern Era. In 16th century, Spain has become Europe’s leading country when the Aragon and Castile kingdoms merged. Thus, the Spanish Empire began expeditions and conquests throughout the areas of Asia, Central and South America, parts of European countries like Italy, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and some Northern African countries. Such expansion perhaps contributes to the fact that currently there are over four hundred million Spanish speakers around the globe.

Aside from its widespread dynasty and profound history, it is also home to cultural diversity. Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali are only two of the country’s world-renowned groundbreaking artists. Its literary geniuses Miguel de Cervantes and Lope de Vega have contributed initial bearings of classical European literature that gave way to other novelists and dramatists around the world. In addition to these artistic wonders, Spain has become a chief tourist destination especially during summer holidays and car rentals Spain are making it all happen for tourists like you.

Spain’s cultural and historical importances to the world have paved the way for a thriving tourism. When traveling in Spain, you could ride high speed trains, buses and airport taxi Melbourne. You could also visit Spain’s thirteen UNESCO-declared world heritage cities like Ibiza, Avila, Segovia and Toledo through charter airlines. These modes of transportation have disadvantages: the high speed trains don’t run in small towns; most buses don’t have many seats; taxis are limited due to strict legislation; and chartered planes are very expensive. It would be a lot cost-effective if you can drive from one city to another through car rentals Spain.

Car rentals Spain vary from luxury and sports cars to regular SUVs, convertibles and vans. You have to map out the locations you would want to visit. This would help you choose the best car suited for the roads of Spain. Some provincial roads are yet to be furnished. However, Spain’s autopistas or expressways are smooth and of superior quality.

Whichever car you may want, booked online or through toll-free numbers, you need to be at least twenty one years old and have held your license for a full year. You would also need an International Driver’s License. If you are below twenty five years old, you would pay for a Young Driver Surcharge. You should also ask for the required insurance coverage upon reserving car rentals Spain. In this country, third party liability coverage is unlimited in cases of damages to property or injuries to people outside the rental car.

Spain’s road traffic is only on the right side. Be sure that you put on your right directional signal whenever a car wants to pass. The signal means that road ahead is passable. You should also note that the letter ‘A’ corresponds to the autopistas. Abide by their speed limits: cities – 31mph; open roads – 55mph; and highways – 74mph.

The driving regulations are tourist-friendly; most of the road signs are both in English and Spanish. Unlike in other European countries, car rentals in Spain are relatively easier to acquire. Touring this multifaceted country with car rentals Spain could truly make you say, “Viva la España!” at the end of your trip.




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