All Something about Dodge Charger Accessories

The Dodge Charger debuted in 1964 and since then it has come in various shapes and sizes. It has been a roadster, a front- wheel drive hatchback and most recently a sleekly styled full sized sedan. The charger was developed initially as a show car. From there Dodge redesigned it and equipped it with a lot of accessories to compete with other models.

Dodge Charger Accessories:

  • Polished Billet Grille: These are easily available and are based on aircraft- quality billet aluminum and enhanced by high polished finish. They are TIG welded and hand assembled for superior quality.
  • Factory Style Rear Spoiler: These are usually standard equipment on the factory hot rods. They are inexpensive and easy to install and improve the cars appearance and aerodynamics.
  • Pillar Post Trim: The vehicle’s appearance can be spiced with chrome style pillar post trim .These are made of high quality mirror polished SS and have an easy stick and go installation.
  • Molded Floor Liners: Molded floor liners accurately and completely line the vehicle giving absolute interior protection. Digital layer measurements of the interior surfaces offer a consistently perfect fit. Some of the colors available are black, gray and tan.
  • Cold Air Intake Kit: These improve airflow and increase horsepower on the vehicle. This intake kit replaces the factory air- intake system with a custom designed air intake tube and a free flowing air filter. The air filter is positioned to draw cool air into the engine. The end result is better acceleration.
  • Ram Air Hood: The use of these hoods set the vehicle apart and improves the performance. The engineers have created a functional and attractive cold air intake system.
  • LED Daytime Running Lights: Many studies have concluded that daytime running lights improve driving safety by making cars more conspicuous during daylight. But many vehicles especially older models do not have this and even those who have this operate their conventional lights at reduced intensity.



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